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GIIMS at Cochin offers complete education in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with the intention of creating high class professionals for meeting the global industrial needs. In association with World University Consortium (WUC), California, USA & CII Institute of Logistics. GIIMS offers MBA, PG Diploma, Diploma and Certificates courses with specilization in Logistics and SCM.

GIIMS Values

The fundamental premise for GIIMS is that India offers a unique opportunity for a rapid development of educational Institutions that embody the highest principles of people-centered development, quality, integrity, creativity, innovation, relevance and service to the wider needs of society. There is an overwhelming body of research evidence to support the view that commitment to high corporate values is the most effective means for sustained and profitable growth. Indeed, a movement is rapidly spreading in the USA and internationally to create a new category of "For-Benefit" corporations (B-corps) founded on this principle. The key to GIIMS is the commitment of management and the entire organisation to realize highest values at all levels and in all activities - individually, Organizationally, Professionally and socially.

  • Person-centered people management
  • Student and person-centered education
  • Active experimental learning
  • World class knowledge and quality
  • Systematic functioning
  • Punctuality
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Prosperity for all stakeholders
  • Service to soceity

Our Vision

“Serving the society through education"

Our Mission

“Developing a new generation of highly qualified professionals for creating a peaceful and prosperous world ”

Our Goal

“ Building a group of educational Institutions by blending the educational systems and organization of the West with Indian Values and Wisdom"

Our Motto

"Transforming education through collaborations and bringing the best in the arena together."


  • Best Team from all over the world collaborated in academic and advisory Board.
  • In association with Asia's best Logistics and SCM Institute, CII Institute of Logistics.
  • Best Faculty in International Business and Logistics in India.
  • Fully air conditioned WiFi Campus in heart of the Cochin City.
  • Only Institute in Kerala offering Industry Interactive curriculum in Logistics.
  • 100% Internship and Placement assistance.
  • Get trained from the team who established Professional Logistics Courses in Kerala.
  • Team members of GIIMS had placed more than 500 youngsters in the field.
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